Dear Beloved Child Of God,

Thank you so much and may our Abba Father bless you richly in the abundance of Christ within you for your support of this ministry.

Every day of broadcast service we are lifting up Jesus Christ, in His present day resurrected, in-dwelling, New Covenant, High Priest fullness, for all to behold, that they might be transformed by Him even as we fellowship in Him.

Your prayers, fellowship, and gifts of support are allowing us continuation on the air during these unprecedented and challenging times. Jesus Christ is alive, in us, and He is calling us all to Himself, that we may be strengthened and empowered by His grace, so we may live triumphantly in Christ, proclaiming Him, even as He lives through us, ministering faith, hope, and love to this sin-sick world.

Ryan from NJ just wrote, “Jesus came and picked me up out of the trash bin while listening to ‘Let’s Talk About Jesus,’ Hallelujah.” Connie also recently wrote, “Your teaching of the Scriptures always leads me to a deeper intimacy with God. I believe this is what our hearts yearn for in the body of Christ.”

Your giving to this ministry is giving life, grace, and peace in Christ, to thousands of people. I hope you realize this, and are blessed in Christ to be blessing so many thirsty souls.

It has been the privilege of my Christian life to host LTAJ for these past 43 years. I continue to trust God for the continuation of this ministry. May we all be close to Jesus in spirit and in truth, to be protected in Him even as we live for Him, that all might know Him, our One and only source of abundant, eternal life.

May God bless you and your loved ones this day.

In His Grace,

Rev. Wayne Monbleau

P.S. I hope my enclosed writing, “When David Danced Before The Lord” ministers life to you!
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June 15, 2020

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1) Why I Abide With Jesus All The Time

2) So That You May Proclaim The Excellencies Of Him

3) Giving Thanks To The Father Through Jesus Christ

4) A Simple Formula For Peace

5) The Resurrection & The Oath



1) Being After The Heart Of God

2) The Cloud Of God's Glory

3) Holding Fast To The Testimony Of Jesus

LTAJ 2019 Encore Presentation Bundle


Special Let's Talk About Jesus Radio Offer
Grace Affirmations Volumes I & II

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LTAJ Special Offer- Grace Affirmations Volumes I & II

New Worship Album "Deborah's Messiah" Now Available

1) May The Lord Bless You And Keep You

2) Blessed Art Thou

3) Avinu / Our Father (The Lord's Prayer)

4) The Word Became Flesh (John 1:14, Isaiah 9:6)

5) Who

6) Behold My Servant (Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12)

7) Heavenly Father / Baruch Atah

8) Aaronic Blessing* (Numbers 6:24-26)

9) Invitation (Deborah's Messiah)

All songs written by Debbie Monbleau except: * - Traditional 


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LTAJ Special Offer - Identity Affirmations Volumes I & II

Knowing Your Abba Father Teaching Series

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