Dear Beloved Child Of God,


May God bless and protect you and your loved ones during this time. Thank you so much for sending support, in the midst of this pandemic and all that it entails, so that we may continue broadcasting the good news of Jesus Christ to all people through our “Let’s Talk About Jesus” radio and internet services.      


I continue praying twice each service these days over this worldwide coronavirus and all things related to it. We seek God for protection, life, and healing for all; that all will turn to Christ and receive Him strongly, that the body of Christ will be focused upon, strengthened in, and completely yielded to Jesus Christ in this time like never before in our lives, so that His glory may be made fully known in His church, with the accompanying awareness of our protection, our Rock, and His overwhelming goodness within us and around us.


Here is a recent e-mail, a prayer request for us all from Melissa: “Thank you for your ministry. Please pray for me. I’m a nurse and work in a nursing home. We do have some residents that have the COVID-19 virus. Pray for their healing. We also have some staff that contracted the virus; pray also for their healing. Pray for protection and that God will show us His love and mercy and that we will show His love and mercy to the residents and staff. Pray for all the nursing homes at this time, that God will deliver us from this awful virus that has taken so many lives. May God give us His courage and strength. Thank you for all that you do, proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ our Savior. God Bless.”


Let us continue interceding in prayer for all people in this time. I pray that our LTAJ services, always available to you, either live, or on demand at, will provide a rock-steady source of blessing, strength, courage, peace, grace, mercy, faith, understanding, joy, and love to you.


Thank you again, so much, for your Christian support given in these challenging times. “In all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him Who loved us” (Romans 8:37).


Continuing in His loving grace,


PS: I’m including below more recent letters to encourage you and to ask for your prayers:



Messages From The Body Of Christ

During The Worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic


“Thank you for your ministry - a true life-line!! Please pray for God’s protection on those in nursing homes, for our residents, in the face of this deadly virus. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your prayers at the opening of your broadcast. I bow my head in prayer with you.”

Rosemarie, PA


“I’ve been out of work during this crisis but have been taking long walks while listening to your voice on podcasts, bringing God’s word. It’s become my special time with the Lord, listening, praying, and singing as I walk.”

Marisa, e-mail


“I work within the healthcare system. God bless YOU mightily. Keep talking about Jesus!” 

Susan, NJ


“I don’t know where this virus is going but I am actually at peace, thanks to over 40 years of listening to you preaching the true nature of Christ.”

Steve, e-mail


“I haven’t forgotten you. I am a nurse and am abiding as He taught.”

Teresa, NJ


“I am James from Kenya. I really love your teachings each and every day, they keep me going. The commitment you have towards sharing the Word of God is priceless, just remember us in your prayers.”

James, Kenya

“During these unsettling times, we thank you for keeping us Christ-centered. God will see us through this time.”

Tom & Mary, PA


“Since I lost my job due to the coronavirus, I am able to listen to you every day and it is like drinking from a spring of refreshing, life-giving water since you are pointing your listeners to the Fountain of Life. After listening to you for so long and having received much benefit from your teaching, I have great confidence in applying what you teach to my life.”

Joanne, e-mail

“I am almost certain that as we hear all about the coronavirus, that if the body of Christ should put the message of the cross and the word of God out there that we would be blessed”

D., NJ


“Your direct approach is what we all need to hear.”

David, NJ

“My work at the hospital is very intense, unlike anything I‘ve ever seen before. My days off are so precious because I spend them with the Lord; ministering unto Him strengthens me so much! In His presence is fullness of joy & I’m so thankful to abide with my Lord! Hallelujah!”

A Sister, NY

“These are bizarre times but I take comfort in the Lord, knowing He is our peace in every storm. He is the Rock of our salvation and we should stay firmly rooted (as Wayne always reminds us) in Christ our Lord”

Jessica, e-mail

“Recent developments with school closings and limited social gatherings have produced opportunity for your ministry to reach people with radio/internet format. With your listeners praying together that’s a powerful force. This should be a time for “Real Christian Growth.” We know that Jesus is with us in ALL things and He is on our side, if we look toward Him. Thank you for staying with Real Spiritual Teaching. P.S. We have been with you since the early 1980's and have become better Christians” Steve & Nancy, NJ

May 7, 2020

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