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This beautifully focused Bible-study was recorded over the course of many meetings at Montclair Community Church in Montclair, NJ. Reverend Wayne guides us through the Scriptures, carefully examining the recurring importance of Ministering To The Lord.

Ministering To The Lord Bible Study Series #MTTL16

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$60.00Sale Price
  • Message Titles:

    1)Introduction & A Brief History Of Ministering To The Lord
    2)The Difference Between The Outer Court And The Inner Court
    3)Ministering To The Lord Changes Us
    4)We Are Priests Unto God
    5)Samuel: A Child Ministers To The Lord
    6)Jesus & Ministering To The Lord
    7)David: A Man After God's Own Heart
    8)Four Attitudes Towards The Ark Of God
    9)David's Testimony Of Ministering To The Lord
    10)The Wisdom Of David Regarding Ministering To The Lord
    11)The Benefits Of Ministering To The Lord
    12)Wisdom From The Psalms- Part 1
    13)Wisdom From The Psalms- Part 2
    14)Ministering To The Lord & Our Covering
    15)"I Will Fill The Soul Of The Priests With Abundance"
    16)Healing For Your Heart & For God's Church Through Ministering To The Lord
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