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1) Sensitivity - No person or organization will be unknowingly placed on LGM's mailing List


2) Integrity - Only those persons or organizations requesting more information, or those sending a donation, will be added to LGM's mailing list.


3) Accountability - LGM's mailing list consists of only two annual mailings (June & December). In addition, there may be other occasional mailings announcing a new release or to express a special need.


4) Confidentiality - All names and addresses are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Absolutely no names on LGM's mailing list will ever be sold, rented, loaned or given out to any other person or agency for any reason whatsoever.


5) Stewardship - LGM automatically removes names and addresses from our active subscribers list of people or organizations we have not heard from within a two year period. Any person may request removal earlier, if they choose.

6) Respectability - any person may request removal from LGM's mailing list at any time, no explanation is needed. We will promptly honor this request.


We are grateful for your interest in and support of this ministry. We desire to express our appreciation to you through our commitment to your privacy and treat your every correspondence with sensitivity and confidentiality.


Our Pledge of Mailing List Honorability to Our Donors

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