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About Us

Loving Grace Ministries was founded in 1979 when Rev. Wayne Monbleau assumed stewardship of the live call-in prayer and counseling radio program he had been substitute host of for the previous two years. At that time “Let’s Talk About Jesus” was broadcasting over one station, New York’s WWDJ.

Recalling those days Wayne reflects, “I had no money, no staff, nor any knowledge of media ministry. But I did have a profound call to ministry (given within days of my being born again in 1972) and a great passion to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ’s love for this lost and dying world. God had dramatically and graciously changed my life and I was compelled to reach out with the loving grace of our Good Shepherd in any way that I could.”

Since 1979 “Let’s Talk About Jesus” has continued to grow and evolve as a six day a week (Monday–Saturday) hour of fellowship, prayer, teaching and counsel that unites believers not only within our radio broadcast range of the northeastern corner of the United States, but now nationwide and worldwide through our website radio archive and podcasts and live streaming at our radio stations’ websites (,, &

In 1989 Loving Grace Ministries moved its headquarters to northern New Jersey in order to serve in a more active capacity through personal ministry, hosting retreats, seminars and worship services within its primary broadcast areas.

Rev. Monbleau’s Christ-centered yet down-to-earth approach in proclaiming the Gospel and New Covenant of Jesus Christ over the years has brought thousands to salvation and out of the bondage of guilt and condemnation and into the knowledge and ability of seeing themselves as beloved children of God. People most frequently attribute their own benefit from Wayne’s counseling to his emphasis upon compassion, understanding, acceptance and forgiveness.

“Let’s Talk About Jesus” has brought thousands to the realization and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior and has also ministered the JOY of a Christ-centered life to thousands more who had been caught in the frustrating downward spiral of trying to please God while always feeling they were not pleasing enough to God. Wayne also shares sound wisdom and reasoning concerning the need for tolerance and acceptance of differing practices within the body of Christ, so we may fulfill our Savior’s request to be one with each other in order for this world to believe and for the church to be effectively made whole (John 17:23).

Wayne is a graduate of White Mountains Seminary and received his ordination in 1977.

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