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Jesus Christ, our risen Lord, freely sacrificed Himself out of love for us; that we might freely choose to unite ourselves to Him as we live, thereby gaining the merit of being grown and perfected by His Own redeeming love throughout the rest of eternity. 

In this bundle, Reverend Wayne shares every aspect of the New Testament that must be understood to attain a fully-aware understanding of Christ's divine sacrifice for us, and what our responsibilities are to Him as Christians living in the reality of the New Covenant in His Blood.

The New Covenant Bundle - #0514SP

$47.00 Regular Price
$27.00Sale Price
  • Contents:

    The New Covenant Is God's Word, God's Way

    A Complete Trust In The New Covenant & Why The Law Produces Failure

    Jesus Christ: High Priest Of The New Covenant (A Chapter By Chapter Study Of Hebrews)

    The New Covenant Is The Avenue For The Transforming Power Of God In Our Lives

    Additional Bonus Content:

    The New Covenant Series- Disc 1
    The Gospel Of Luke Series- Disc 1
    Ambassadors Of Christ- Booklet
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