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Here you can find some wonderful clips of worship and teachings from past Loving Grace Ministries services and gatherings. There are also powerful personal video testimonies in on our testimonials page- true stories of lives touched by God through this ministry, Hallelujah! We also invite you to visit our YouTube channel where you can watch, share, and subscribe to automatic notifications for video content from LGM! If you have any video of Loving Grace events that you like us to consider posting on our channel let us know.


Messages & Sermons

Listen to Reverend Wayne's beautiful and powerful sermon "My Life Is In Your Hands" delivered at Montclair community church on 11/14/10

Here is another sermon, "Press On To Know The Lord", delivered by Reverend Wayne at Montclair community church

The clips on this video playlist capture messages from our blessed 2011 Worship in the Woods retreat. Reverend Wayne shares a passionate message full of personal insight about "The Inner Court" of the Old Covenant temple, and how it is a reflection of how the Lord interacts with each of us individually in a new way now that each of us is a temple of the Holy Spirit according to the New Covenant established by Christ.

Messages are posted individually below

 The Inner Court- #1

 The Inner Court- #2

 The Inner Court- #3

 The Inner Court- #4

Here is a wonderful clip of pure praises being raised to Jesus by a multitude of voices in unadulterated gratitude for the blessings of life found in Him.

Reverend Wayne leads the congregation in Ministering Unto the Lord- raising praises to His Holy Name!

This message from our 2009 Christmas Seminar is abundantly blessed. Reverend Wayne's encouraging message gets right to the heart of our faith in all seasons!


Our dear Brother, Elder Glen, inspires the congregation with unabashed praises of joy raised to The Lord during Worship in the Woods.

This montage from Worship in the Woods 24, which occurred this past June, is a wonderful way to revisit the awesome sense of joy, peace, and gratitude we feel when we worship the Lord together! If you haven't been to Worship in the Woods, this is a great way to find out what makes it such a special time of closeness with the Lord.

Here is another blessed collection of moments from our Worship In The Woods retreats.

Worship Music

This Video playlist contains many anointed and spirit-filled songs of worship from various retreats and seminars, just hit play and you can praise the Lord with over an hour of live worship music!

Individual songs are also posted below

I Worship You

Shout For Joy

Let Heaven Fill Your Thoughts

The Lord's Prayer In Hebrew & English

Amazing Grace

In Your Presence

Sister Ruth Sings "I Believe"

Since I Laid My Burdens Down

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