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Greetings Dear Friends,                                  3-01-2018

May grace & peace be ever upon you in Jesus’ Holy Name,

Loving Grace Ministry has been challenged by uncertainty so far this year. Our renewal fund drive for 2018 ended $95,000 short of our goal, our accounts have been almost fully depleted many times so far due to our weekly radio expenses, and we continue to be faced with the possibility of Let's Talk About Jesus going off the air.

This isn’t the first time we have faced circumstances such as these, and miraculously the Lord continues to raise up the support needed to keep “Let’s Talk About Jesus” on the radio time and time again through the gracious support of listeners from across the country. We are truly humbled and grateful, to witness this outpouring of God’s grace as He continues to meet every need so that we might continue to Glorify Him, calling all people to know Him and to love Him.


Here’s the absolute truth though friends, this ministry has always been 100% listener supported, and support for Loving Grace Ministries comes from a true “Gideon’s Army” remnant of God’s faithful now more so than ever. We have never up to this point faced so great a future need with so few shoulders to help carry the burden.


If we can reach out together at this time, however, in search of souls who might be willing to support the work of the Gospel through this Ministry, the result could be a future in which semi-annual fund drives would no longer be necessary to keep “Let’s Talk About Jesus” out of danger of going off the air.


Monthly Partners of Loving Grace Ministries who pledge a monthly gift of support have contributed a great deal to helping us make it this far, and it is possible to reach a point at which our expenses could be fully met each month on a continual basis. If this were to occur, our need to appeal for the necessary funds to keep “Let’s Talk About Jesus” on the air would become a thing of the past – finally giving us the long sought-after opportunity to focus 100% of our fellowship on teaching, edifying, and building up the Body of Christ.

Please join with us in praying, giving and sharing this ministry with others, so that we may see this goal become a reality! In addition to supporting the outreach of the Gospel through Loving Grace Ministries, being a Monthly Partner also makes you a member of our online community – granting you access to exclusive content each week at, Monthly Meditations each month, free downloadable content from Loving Grace, our entire worship music library on-demand to listen to anytime, and more!


It is our desire that this Ministry might constantly provide an outstretched hand and an opportunity for Christians of every tradition and devotion to join together in unity, responding to our highest calling as the Body of Christ; training up and preparing the faithful to serve the Lord in Spirit & Truth, to stand united in love under the New Covenant Blood of Christ as true disciples, that we might glorify Him and, through our words and deeds, be a testimony and extension of Him to this unbelieving world.


We move forward into the future with full faith in and reliance upon the Lord’s saving grace and renewing mercies each and every day. We thank you for standing with us in prayer and support at this time, and we hope that you are truly blessed by your fellowship with Loving Grace Ministries.


May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be ever with us as we continue forward, and may He richly bless you today and always, amen.


Ever Yours In Christ,

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