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Your Own Royal Priesthood Unto God

Today’s Word Of Encouragement From Wayne:

“You are a chosen race, A royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession

1 Peter 2:9

When you enter, as a Christian, into your own “royal priesthood” unto God, that’s when you begin to experience, with understanding, the reality of being “chosen” by God that you may willingly and joyfully become His “own possession.”

Stepping into the understanding of your “royal priesthood” brings you into the more full realization of why you desire, and why it is important, to worship God in the first place.

We know we have been re-created in Jesus Christ to glorify and praise Him, and to live a life before God in this world that also glorifies and praises Him.

Stepping into your “royal priesthood” brings this truth much closer, into a clearer focus, as you see the reason why you have been created to praise God, indeed why you feel the pull of God’s Holy Spirit within you to praise Him.

It is all because you were made a priest unto God at the moment of your new birth.

You are a priest unto God.

This is your identity.

God has put His Spirit in you so you will praise Him.

What we do as Christians, how we live before our Lord, when truly understood, comes directly forth from who we are, or from our understanding of who we think we are.

Accept this gift, indeed this call, of your participation in this “royal priesthood” unto God. This is your identity in Jesus Christ, as God’s beloved child, in this world.

The more you receive and understand your priesthood, the more your joyful praises will ascend to God, with a deeper meaning and clarity than ever before.

Thank God today that He has included you in His eternal “royal priesthood.”


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