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Serving In Newness Of The Spirit

Today’s Word Of Encouragement From Wayne:

“But now we have been released from the law, having died to that by which we were bound, so that we serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter”

Romans 7:6

Yesterday we saw, in reference to our being in a New Covenant, that “the letter kills, but the Sprit gives life” (2 Corinthians 3:6).

Today, in this verse from his letter to the church at Rome, Paul wrote “that we serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter.”

Bless our Lord, Jesus has set us free from sin and death into a new life, where we are a new creation, in a New Covenant, drinking the new wine of the kingdom, and serving our Lord “in newness of the Spirit.”

There is nothing old about being new! New is new and we are blessed to be living as new beings in newness of life, “in newness of the Spirit.” Yes, keep looking forward and keep looking up - in newness.

Walking in the letter of the word is the old way and it kills. Whereas walking in the Spirit of the word is new and it gives life. When we are walking in God’s Spirit we are walking in constant newness and renewal, thank You Lord!

I encourage you to gratefully embrace the gift of “newness in the Spirit” today. I can tell you one thing for sure - “Newness of the Spirit” puts a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Whereas “oldness of the letter” does not! Remember - the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

Thank You Lord Jesus for fulfilling the letter of the law, so that we, as your New Covenant children, may walk in You, in Your Spirit, with You, serving “in the newness of the Spirit.” Jesus, You keep us new in You! Hallelujah!

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