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Our Holy Portion - A Place For Our Houses And A Place For The Sanctuary

Today’s Word Of Encouragement From The Lord:

“It shall be the holy portion of the land; it shall be for the priests, the ministers of the sanctuary, who come near to minister to the Lord, and it shall be a place for their houses and a place for the sanctuary”

Ezekiel 45:4

God invites us to live in His praises!

Our Lord God, before Whom we are priests (1 Peter 2:9), has given us a “holy portion.” We are certainly all called to be priests unto God. However, it is only those who respond to the call, “who come near to minister to the Lord,” who receive and value this “holy portion.”

And what, specifically, is this “holy portion” that we have been given as His priests?

It is this - “it shall be a place for their houses and a holy place for the sanctuary.”

In Ezekiel’s case, this “holy portion” was the most highly favored piece of land for all of God’s people, a tract of land directly adjacent to the temple. The inner court priest’s “holy portion” was to have their houses right next to God’s sanctuary. Those who ministered to the Lord literally were the people closest to the Lord on the whole earth.

As new covenant priests to our God, we are privileged to receive and realize this same truth, of a “holy portion” granted us by our God, Who actually desires for us to live as close as can be to His presence and sanctuary.

This is an amazing grace indeed, made freely available to whosoever will come from within the body of Christ.

The more we practice our priesthood, in His inner court presence within us, the more our spiritual eyes open to realize that our true spiritual house IS His house, His temple. So we gladly receive this “holy portion” of our house touching His house, of our living as close as can be to the temple of God.

What a blessing! What protection! What fellowship! What wisdom and worship! What joy!

Beloved child and priest of God, Thank your Lord today for giving you this “holy portion.” Within your own “holy portion” is a most fitting place for you to gratefully say “The Lord is my portion.” Hallelujah!

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