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Let God Be Wonderful To You

Today’s Word Of Encouragement From Wayne:

Let God Be Wonderful To You

“Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; speak of all His wonders”

Psalm 105:2

When we allow His praises to fill our temple, the temple that is us, then all of our thoughts become purified.

Praise is intended to be like incense to God, filling the air in the temple with the overwhelming scent of the Holy Spirit.

The only scent (or thought) in the temple is the scent and the sense of praise.

Sing to God. Sing a new song. Make it up right now and fill your song with praises. Don’t be shy with God in His presence for truly, this is not about us. It’s all about Him!

Step into Him and you will decrease in your thoughts of self. Become melted in His presence.

Sing praises to God and also speak of His wonders when you are in His presence. This strengthens you in the Holy Spirit and in your own awareness of the great love of Christ over your life.

In turn, this enables you to speak, with love and grace, of His wonders to this world. In order for you to present God as wonderful to this world, you have to let Him be wonderful to you first. Singing and speaking His praises and wonders in His presence always makes Him increase in our own awareness of His wonder-fullness. Hallelujah.

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