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"Let's Talk About Jesus"
- Renewal For 2019 -


Dear Beloved Child Of God,

Grace and peace to you in abundance this day through our “Wonderful Counselor” and “Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6), Jesus Christ!

I praise our Abba Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for being able to write you this letter, asking for your gift of renewal for our God-honoring, Christ-centered ministry of “Let’s Talk About Jesus,” now in our 42nd year of lifting up our Lord in Spirit and in truth for all to hear of and respond to.

You may be aware that my wife, Debbie, was gravely ill to the point of death last year. Throughout September and October, multiple doctors were telling me that my wife was terminally ill and had only weeks left to live. BUT GOD! God “woke her up” in late October and she was able to come home in time for Christmas. We are still on the path of her full recovery and we so appreciate all of the prayers that have been and continue to be offered on behalf of Debbie’s full recovery and health.

During this time, I had to move our radio studio from the radio cabin into our parsonage, into our bedroom, so that I could be with my wife in primary care giver mode all of the time, which is still the case presently. By the grace of God we have been able to keep broadcasting “Let’s Talk About Jesus” and, in fact, God has birthed many new teaching series in me during this time. Brother Ken, from NJ wrote that “In these past few months your teaching has been the best that I’ve ever heard.” Hallelujah and thank you Jesus!

We have pretty much been operating on a day to day and week to week basis in our “Let’s Talk About Jesus” radio and internet ministry these past three or four years, many times not even having the necessary funds on hand for our weekly expenses. BUT GOD! Every single time it’s looked like the end for us, our gracious Lord has raised up support so we may continue offering Christ-centered teaching,  prayer and counsel to whosoever will may come, through our “Let’s Talk About Jesus” ministry.

The challenges for me personally have been all encompassing, in caring for my dearly beloved wife Debbie, while simultaneously continuing with all the aspects of our “Let’s Talk About Jesus” ministry, in broadcasting, message production, and writing. BUT GOD! He has held me so close to Him in this time, I can’t thank Him enough. The tears and challenges have been countless and I want to praise God for being everything to us. He has held and has healed Debbie. He has  continued “Let’s Talk About Jesus.” All praise and glory to our awesome Abba Father. Hallelujah, “But in all things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us” (Romans 8:37)!

So I ask for your much needed, and so greatly appreciated, support this month so we may say “Yes” to continuing “Let’s Talk About Jesus” into the coming year. This dead in sin world still needs Jesus, and for that matter, so does the church, the true body of Christ. He, our risen and indwelling Savior, Lord, and High Priest, desires to be fully known amongst His Own, so we may joyfully, with understanding, declare Him, our Messiah, in His glorious fullness to all people everywhere, all of the time.

I pray, in the name of Jesus, that our December renewal goal for “Let’s Talk About Jesus” of two hundred and seventy thousand dollars ($270,000) will be exceedingly and abundantly met this month through the gifts of God’s people!

Hallelujah, I am presently in my 42nd year of hosting our unto God  fellowship of “Let’s Talk About Jesus!” You can see, from the many recent testimonies I’ve included in this letter, that our Lord is touching and drawing lives to Himself, wonderfully and purely, in His fullness, through this ministry.

I hope you have many opportunities to join us for the life-renewing fellowship of “Let’s Talk About Jesus,” either on radio or at, our own full time worldwide internet radio channel which broadcasts “Let’s Talk About Jesus” throughout each day along with eight other unique weekly radio series!

Thank you so much for your partnership with us in this dedicated to the truth of Jesus Christ ministry. May our gracious Lord raise up the full amount needed to continue this work of His, and may He bless your life and the lives of your loved ones richly this Christmas! Yes, our Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, is THE Gift of Christmas, the greatest gift this world has ever known. Your partnering gift of renewal this month, given to continue “Let’s Talk About Jesus,” will allow us to keep declaring our Lord Jesus Christ to all people, with the prayer that they, themselves, will come to know our great God and Savior.

I appreciate so much that you have read this letter. Thank you. Listed below are some gifts that I have personally put together, to thank you for standing with us in the Gospel of Jesus Christ at this important time. May our Lord bless and enrich your life through these tokens of my appreciation for you.

I love you in our Lord Jesus. Debbie and I thank you so much for   praying and for giving, for Debbie’s healing and for continuing “Let’s Talk About Jesus.” May God bless you with a beautiful and Merry Christmas! In Jesus’ name!

In His Loving Grace,


All testimonies have been received within the past 6 months

“It’s always refreshing to enter into His presence with you... so         refreshing.”
Osvaldo & Louise R., Bayonne, NJ

“You have brought me to know the deity of ‘Christ the Lord’ and now I am whole with God the Father.”
John S., Bayville, NJ

“When I was in a desert LTAJ visited me. Not with empty hands but with water and bread.”
Edmund B., Brooklyn, NY

“Thank you for helping me to know and love Jesus. Been listening since 1980.”
Jean M., Old Bridge, NJ

“Your anointed teachings have helped me to maintain an attitude of devotion to our Savior Jesus.”
Thomas H., Dudley, MA

“I have listened to you for decades. In fact, I got saved by listening to you.”
Helen C., Coatesville, PA

“I was saved through this ministry in September of 2017.”
Jacob, email

“LTAJ helps me get through the  valleys during the week (daily).”
Carl B., Sharon Hill, PA

“Thank you for staying faithful to Jesus every day. Your ministry is an example to me that I haven’t found elsewhere Thank you very, very much.”
Tara B., Schereville, IN

“Thank God for you, and I am still growing in the Lord because of your teachings.”
Phyllis T., Bronx, NY

“‘Let’s Talk About Jesus’ has been a rock solid refuge in my walk with Christ throughout my years of    listening.”
Dan A., Bronx, NY

“The Lord has revolutionized my spiritual life through ‘Let’s Talk About Jesus’. He brought me back into living in the grace of God through Wayne’s teachings.”
David D., Croydon, PA

“Thank you for always providing sound doctrine in a clear and      concise way. Nothing added,     nothing taken away, and always centered on Jesus.”
Timothy B., Mine Hill, NJ

“You are the reason I am a Christian in truth”
Marilyn C., Oyster Bay, NY

“Thank you for always encouraging me in the Lord.”
Mille, Queens, NY

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