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“Let’s Talk About Jesus”

Renewal For 2021


Credit or debit card offerings may be called in toll-free:
(Mon-Fri, 8:30am–5:00pm M-F, Sat 11:00am - 12:30pm EST) 
or faxed anytime to 973-729-6787

Or send your tax-deductible offering, correspondence and prayer requests to:

Loving Grace Ministries

PO Box 500

Lafayette NJ 07848-0500


For your gift of any amount to support the ministry of Let's Talk About Jesus in proclaiming the true Gospel to all people, you will receive Wayne’s new uplifting booklet:

                                     "Continuous Renewal"


For your gift of $100 or more to help keep Let's Talk About Jesus on the air, You will also receive Wayne’s wonderful new teaching series:

                                      "Clothed With Christ"            
                                      on 2 CDs or Cassettes


For your gift of  $1000 or more to help Let's Talk About Jesus minister to as many souls in need of God's Love as possible, you will also receive:


*Message Of The Month
on CD or Cassette
very month throughout 2021

*The IRS requires a fair market value of $60 be noted on your receipt
for your "Message Of The Month" subscription. Select "No Message Of The Month Please" when making your donation if you would like to make your gift
fully tax deductible.

Continuous Renewal.png

“Just want to say thanks, for encouraging us to stay grounded & centered in the Lord Jesus Christ everyday, whether in great times or during a world crisis. This is the message the world & the church desperately needs to hear. Will keep praying for the continuation of ‘Let’s Talk About Jesus’ daily.”

Dave, Croydon, PA


“I accidentally came across your station via a Christian radio app on my phone. Of all the stations on this app I return to you daily because of the authenticity of your message and music. You truly bring me back to the reason I got saved in the first place.”

Linda, Cincinnati, OH

“Thank you for your ministry - a true life line!! Please pray for God’s protection on those in nursing homes. We are all pulling together to continue to care for our residents in the face of a deadly virus. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your prayers at the opening of your broadcast. I bow my head in prayer with you. God bless you.”

Rosemarie, Broomall PA

“I’m so thankful ‘Let’s Talk About Jesus’ is still here, speaking the truth of Christ, ESPECIALLY right here, right now, each day this covid-19 virus is alive. Thank you for speaking truth in Christ as well as how we as Christians are to respond as believers and citizens during this pandemic.”

Margie, New Hope PA

“I am so grateful you are there. I am at home & your voice each day over LTAJ Loving Grace Radio is as never before a lifeline during this time, a great comfort that when 2 or more are gathered He is in our midst. God bless you!”

Carole, Palm City, FL

“I have been encouraged. Please pray for our church believers as we closed our church due to Corona Pandemic. Thank you sir.”

Pastor Devadas, India


Thank you so much for giving to continue the ministry of “Let’s Talk About Jesus,” that more may come to know and grow in our Savior, Lord, And High Priest, Jesus Christ. May God bless you deeply for ministering the Gospel with us, with your tax-deductible offering to this ministry. Loving Grace Ministries is a nonprofit tax-exempt I.R.S. 501 (c) (3) organization and a member of ECFA, The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. 

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