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"Let's Talk About Jesus"
- Renewal For 2020 -


Dear Beloved Child Of God,

May grace and peace freely flow in your life today through our “Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6), Jesus Christ, born for us in Bethlehem so we may live with Him, now and forever, as “Immanuel, God with us” (Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:23). Hallelujah!


I hope that 2019 has been a year of growth and blessing for you in the rich grace and knowledge of our indwelling Lord Jesus, and I pray that “Let’s Talk About Jesus” has been a part of that wonderful growth for you.


Each day we are so blessed to gather together to lift up Jesus, in Spirit and in truth, throughout our “Let’s Talk About Jesus” radio and internet services, and lives continue to be beautifully transformed in Christ as we keep our focus 20/20 on Him. I’m sharing some recent great testimonies with you in this letter that speak of how graciously God continues to touch lives through this ministry, now in our 43rd year.


I write this letter with a prayer and hope that you will kindly support this ministry’s desire to continue preaching Christ in His New Covenant fullness for all people in 2020 over “Let’s Talk About Jesus” with your own gift this month of renewal and continuance for this Christ-centered ministry.


Times are so tough for so many people and this nation is in turmoil. Jesus Christ is the answer, right now, for every person on this planet. He always has been and I know He still is the answer - out of conflict and into peace, out of sin and into life abundant, out of hatred and into love, out of separation and into harmony with God.


Times have been tough for this ministry too this year, financially speaking. The message of Christ our Lord in His glorious New Covenant fullness is stronger than ever, but so is our need for Christian support for the Gospel to continue through “Let’s Talk About Jesus”.


We actually ran out of funds and were in the red in September, but thanks to our Lord and to the renewing gifts of His children, we were lifted back up and enabled to sign new contracts to continue “Let’s Talk About Jesus” for 2020 over our stations.


I pray God favors your life with His blessings and I pray you will be blessed to share His goodness with us through your generous gift at this time to continue “Let’s Talk About Jesus”, so we may perpetually share His goodness with all people, entreating all to completely turn to the Lord.

For any gift given this month to continue “Let’s Talk About Jesus” I will send you my latest Christmas booklet, Good News Of Great Joy! I’m sure you will be blessed by my Christmas insights as I share the greatest gift of all time with you!


For a gift of one hundred dollars or more, I will also send you a new five part teaching series that I recently delivered over “Let’s Talk About Jesus” titled, “The Doctrine Of Our Full New Covenant Salvation.” In particular I believe you will be amazed and praising God over the salvation timeline that I share with you, as to how, precisely, Jesus has saved us through the blood of the New Covenant (3 CDS or cassettes).


If it is at all possible for you to extend a gift of one thousand dollars or more to bless “Let’s Talk About Jesus” this month into 2020, I will also send you my new Message Of The Month, every single month throughout 2020, along with a card each month describing my message and thanking you for continuing this Christ-centered ministry of “Let’s Talk About Jesus”!


Hallelujah, we continue to “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, and His lovingkindness is everlasting” (Psalm 136:1). Growing every day in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, abiding in His love, aware of His holy presence within; this is the connective every day gift of life God is constantly showering us with. I encourage you to fellowship with us as often as you can through our God honoring “Let’s Talk About Jesus” services, either on radio or through our own worldwide outreach at, so you may always be reminded of and encouraged in God’s great love for you and within you, in Jesus Christ!


Thank you so much for reading this letter, for your fellowship with and prayers for this ministry, and for your support of “Let’s Talk About Jesus”, so that the world may know of Him in Spirit and in truth and respond to Him, our Lord of life, and so that God’s true church, the precious body of Christ, may always “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 2:1)! Amen!


I pray a blessed Christmas celebration for you and all of your loved ones this year, in the goodness, grace, love, and peace of Jesus!

In His Loving Grace,


All testimonies in this mailing have been received within these past six months, praise God!


I am a new listener and want to tell you that I praise God for you and the clarity and cogency of your biblical teaching. It is shedding new light to my understanding of God’s Word.

Gene, Email


You make the Word so clear, it just comes alive in my mind.

Ryan, Piscataway NJ


Thank you for your ministry, which illuminates the truth of Jesus with purity and grace!

Julie, Greenwich CT

I ’ve been listening to “Let’s Talk About Jesus” since 1984 and the Lord has revolutionized my life.

David, Croyton PA


Your ministry has helped open the eyes of my heart to see more fully a beautiful & loving God and Savior.

Rosemarie, Broomall PA


By listening daily on my way to work you have blessed me - drawing me closer to His Lordship in my life and, as a result, a closer walk with Him!

Joe Jr., Manalapan NJ


I found this ministry and I have been listening just about every day for about the last 2 weeks. It has helped me so much to encourage me and help me grow in the Word of God. I am so thankful for this ministry.

Sarah, email


Thank you for leading me away from traditions of men & back to knowing & loving Jesus.

Michael, Kendall Park NJ

Through Let’s Talk About Jesus the message of God’s grace (which prior to this was completely foreign to me) set my heart free and completely transformed my relationship with God.

Jon, Lancaster PA


Thru God to LTAJ to me, Jesus is becoming more real and alive!!

Glen, Bensalem PA


Ever since tuning you in, in 1978, my newly-found faith in Jesus began to blossom. You taught me how to pray and praise and minister to our Savior. I thank God for using you to undergird the body of Christ and draw lost souls to Himself.

Beverly, River Vale NJ


You have brought Jesus closer to me through your ministry. Anonymous Over the years I have listened you have always brought me closer to the Lord.

John, Roselle NJ


LTA Jesus is a lifeline for me. I really don’t know where I’d be without the services. I thank the Lord for you everyday.

Carole, PalmCity FL


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