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The Mighty Benefits Of Our Priesthood In His Presence

Today’s Word Of Encouragement From Wayne:

“‘I will fill the soul of the priests with abundance, and My people will be satisfied with My goodness,’ declares the Lord” Jeremiah 31:14

“For I satisfy the weary ones and refresh everyone who languishes” Jeremiah 31:25

If we know nothing about our priesthood in Jesus Christ, and of our consistent access to the presence of God, as His kingdom and priests, then we may completely miss out on the satisfaction and refreshment God presently offers and promises us, as His priests in His presence.

As new covenant priests unto our God, we have our Abba Father’s Own guarantee, prophesied through Jeremiah and fulfilled in Jesus Christ, that God fills our priestly souls with His Own abundance so that we will be greatly satisfied with God’s Own goodness, with the result that we are refreshed in our Lord, even as He removes weariness and languishing from us.

What an amazing promise, and access, our gracious God has given us, for continual renewal, refreshment, and satisfaction in His presence as His priests.

There is an abundance of our Lord available to us, an anointing of abundance in deed that, when received, causes us to be profoundly satisfied with God’s goodness. This abundance and satisfaction and goodness, which are all received as we are priests in His presence, actually expands within us, beyond our actual ministering to the Lord, into the whole of our lives, where God removes our weariness of the day and our languishing in this world, replacing them with His Own life-giving refreshment and satisfaction.

And, if our sense of satisfaction and refreshment begins to dwindle, then we know right where to go, don’t we, in order to be filled once again by our gracious God in His gracious presence.

We are highly favored of our Lord God that He extends this phenomenal blessing to us of abundance, satisfaction, goodness, and refreshment, available at all times for us in His presence.

Let us bless our Lord as His priests today, for He is worthy of all praise, and let us avail ourselves of all the benefits God bestows upon us even as we minister to Him in His presence. Be refreshed child of God and be deeply satisfied with your Lord.


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