Hear My Voice And Become One

Today’s Word Of Encouragement From Wayne:

“They will hear My voice; and become one flock with one shepherd”

John 10:16

One of the greatest benefits given to us, in hearing and responding to the voice of Jesus, is that we “become” something and that something we become is “one,” one with the Lord our Shepherd, and one within ourselves.

Hearing the voice of our Good Shepherd is intended to draw us individually, and corporately as the body of Christ, into a state of oneness. “One flock with one shepherd” is the desire of our Savior, Who died and rose on our behalf so we might become His children and His flock.

I encourage you today to hear your Shepherd’s voice, for He is calling you to Himself so you may know that you are one with Him. Come to Him and be one with Him.

At the same time pray for all Christians everywhere to hear and respond to our Shepherd’s voice, so that all Christians will gladly and gratefully give our Good Shepherd the desire of His heart, “one flock with one shepherd.”

Hear His voice, and believe what His voice is saying. Receive your oneness with God. Rejoice in your oneness with God.

Rest. Be one sheep who is with your “one shepherd,” at peace in His presence and care.

Yes, let the voice of your Good Shepherd produce oneness within you, a sense of wholeness, well being, and integration with the Lord your Shepherd. Hallelujah!

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