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From Me Comes Your Fruit

Today’s Word Of Encouragement From Wayne:

“It is I Who answer and look after You. I am like a luxuriant Cypress; from Me comes your fruit”

Hosea 14:8

Hallelujah my sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ. Every single time that you and I go to minister to our Lord, it is like we are going up to biggest, most beautiful, luxuriant tree in the whole world to gather fruit.

You see, if God is a tree and from Him comes our fruit, then there is only one thing left for us to do. That is, let us go up to this beautiful tree of life so that we may receive the great fruitfulness of God in our lives!

Trees don’t move. They are rooted. If we want fruit from a fruit tree, than it is upon us to go to the tree. Hallelujah! The Lord God is our tree. Let us go to Him and minister before His presence.

Here are three wonderful truths for our lives in Christ, to enrich us everyday, that our God blesses us to realize in the actual practice of our priesthood. Yes, three beautiful truths for us to behold, every time we approach our “luxuriant cypress”

First - “It is I Who answer you.”

Second - “And look after you.”

Third - “From Me comes your fruit.”

God is answering us, looking after us, and giving us fruit, every time we draw near to minister before Him!

The priest of God, who ministers regularly to the Lord, knows that all of our fruitfulness comes from our God and that it is our most blessed privilege, as His kingdom of priests, to approach our fruitful tree of life in His presence so we may receive more fruit for life.

If we believe and understand this statement, “I am like a luxuriant cypress; from Me comes your fruit,” then we know it is incumbent upon us to regularly draw near to our tree for His fruit. God doesn’t throw fruit at us. No. Instead, He invites us to respectfully approach Him, honoring His presence, and as we linger with Him, fruit is made manifest to us and within us.

As ministers to our Lord we are so privileged in His presence to partake of His bread of life, drink His living water, and receive fruit from Him, Himself!

The very act of your entering God’s presence to minister to Him is great fruitfulness immediately for your life in Christ.

Thank God today for these magnificent blessings that He is showering upon you, as you abide in His presence, and never forget that “From Me comes your fruit.”


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