The First Time God Said The Word “Priest” In Exodus

Today’s Word Of Encouragement From Wayne:

The First Time God Said The Word “Priest” In Exodus

“Then bring near to yourself Aaron your brother, and his sons with him, from among the sons of Israel, to minister as priest to Me”

Exodus 28:1

Probably most often, when people hear the words “priest” or “minister,” the automatic assumption in one’s mind is, “priest to the people” and “minister to people.” So it is enlightening, to say the least, to see that in scripture when God first uses the word’s “priest,” and “priests” (as we saw yesterday), that it is in reference with “minister as a priest to Me” and “you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests” (Exodus 19:6).

God’s origin of His use of the words “priest” and “priests,” in the book of Exodus, is in His call for His people to minister to Him.

This is the blessing of ministering unto the Lord, just as it first came to me as a baby Christian.

To see in scripture that God calls us to minister to Him, and to see how often this call is neglected, just makes me think of what a privilege it is to say “Yes” to my God, and to experience the truly indescribable blessing of ministering to my Lord in His presence, just because He says so, and being bathed in His light.

It became, early on for me, a wonderful and simple principle of my Christian life that, first I need to enter the presence of my God and minister as a priest to Him. Then, having given Him the first fruits of my time and devotion, in the inner court of His presence, I am ready to go into the outer court of this world and be a minister of Jesus Christ to people.

First God fills us in and with His presence, and then we have something wonderful, of life, to minister to people.