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Resting In Your Shepherd’s Care & Receiving Restoration

Today’s Word of Encouragement from Wayne:

Resting In Your Shepherd’s Care & Receiving Restoration

"Restore us to You, O Lord, that we may be restored"

Lamentations 5:21

Yesterday we looked at the 23rd Psalm where David wrote this about the Lord His shepherd, “He restores my soul” (Vs. 3). We also saw that the Hebrew word for restore was "shub," meaning; to bring back, turn back, return, and repent. I love this picture of true repentance being when you and I are as sheep with our Shepherd, for it is in His presence that we are restored.

"Restore us to You, O Lord, that we may be restored." True repentance is coming into the protective arms of your Shepherd Who holds you in His hand. This is where your restoration always is. Today let yourself rest in your Shepherd’s care and receive the restoration that comes from being with Him.

He restores you. He restores your soul as you remain with Him. God promises us here that a repentant heart is a restored heart for in repentance we return to Jesus Christ, our Good Shepherd, and His goodness flows over and throughout us, giving continual divine restoration; the restoration of a sheep in the loving, watchful, protective, feeding hand of the best Shepherd in the universe. Thank You Jesus. Hallelujah!

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