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Embracing Your Priesthood

Today's Word of Encouragement from Wayne:

Embracing Your Priesthood

"But as for us, the Lord is our God, and we have not forsaken Him; and the sons of Aaron are ministering to the Lord as priests"

2 Chronicles 13:10

These were the words that king Abijah spoke to rebellious Jeroboam when he came to make war. Jeroboam had forsaken the Lord, cancelled the priesthood, and appointed his own priests and prophets who were completely corrupt. Abijah’s declaration that he had not forsaken the Lord was proven when he stated "the sons of Aaron are ministering to the Lord as priests." This, to Abijah, was THE sign of faithful obedience and devotion to God, "ministering to the Lord as priests." This was the pre-eminent sign; the priesthood of God being fully functional, active, in first place of service, and faithful to God. O let it be said of the body of Christ in this generation that "we have not forsaken Him," and may we also prove this by "ministering to the Lord as priests."

Sure, there may be many a person who can talk a good convincing talk about God and things religious, but it takes a true blood-washed-and-bought child of God to have that keen desire that won’t be quenched until one is all the way in with Jesus Christ as a devoted believer, disciple, and priest unto God (1 Peter 2:5-9, Revelation 1:5-6). "Ministering to the Lord as priests" is the exact opposite of forsaking God. "Ministering to the Lord as priests" is our embracing God. Beloved child of God, embrace your priesthood this day, be pro-active, and enter the embrace of your Lord God, for "we have not forsaken Him," and it’s a sign of our faithfulness, that we show God, when we are "ministering to the Lord as priests." Amen.

Abijah prevailed and won the war that had been brought upon him. Even so let us praise God that "Ministering to the Lord" points the way of victory to us, every time, and is a sign of our God’s faithfulness, to us, that we are on the winning side, our Lord’s side, "ministering to the Lord as priests." Hallelujah!

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