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"I Am Their Possession"

Today's Word of Encouragement from Wayne:

"I Am Their Possession"

"And it shall be with regard to an inheritance for them, that I am their inheritance; and you shall give them no possession in Israel - I am their possession"

Ezekiel 44:18

The Lord is our inheritance. The Lord is our possession. As ministers to the Lord we are given a front row seat to this great truth. Every time we step into our "inner room," we are in the presence of our God, Who is our inheritance. He is our reward. This understanding, which is for all of God’s children, is particularly received when one responds to the call to be a "living stone" part of God’s priesthood (1Peter 2:5, Revelation 1:5-6). It is in the practice of our priesthood that we come to know, intimately, Jesus Christ as our High Priest and ourselves as His priests to our Abba Father, "a royal priesthood" (1st Peter 2:9). I don’t know how strongly the Lord being our inheritance now and forever is resonating throughout God’s body presently. But I sure do know one thing, which is, when you step into your priesthood you step into the presence of your God Who is your inheritance and it’s kind of hard to miss that great truth especially when you are spending regular time before Him as His servant in His presence.

"Ministering to the Lord" (Acts 13:2) is so special to your God that He wants you to know that He wants to be with you as your eternal inheritance, now and always. Paul wrote this of our Savior Jesus Christ, "in Him also we have obtained an inheritance" Ephesians 1:11. Here’s the way I see it. It’s just like the account of Jesus healing the ten lepers in Luke 17:11-19. Jesus healed them all but only one person came back to thank Him. "Were there not ten cleansed? But the nine - where are they?" is what Jesus said when only one came back. This corresponds to today. Of all those claiming salvation through Jesus Christ, how many are coming back to Jesus Christ to give thanks and to stay with Him as a priest to His Father?

Ministering to the Lord is our most definite, profound, obedient with a blessed awareness, response to stay with our God, in His presence, with a huge life-long "Thank You Lord for saving me, healing me, and calling me to You!" Rejoice in your inheritance today. Spend time with your inheritance to day. Hallelujah!

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