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Jesus, Our High Priest Of Good Things To Come

Today's Word of Encouragment from Wayne:

"When Christ appeared as a high priest of the good things to come"

Hebrews 9:11

Praise God, when you and I come to Jesus Christ as our High Priest we see that, in Him, there are only "good things to come." In fact, as you rise up in "ministering to the Lord," as the apostle Paul did (Acts 13:2), I would say that only "good things" can come to you. Christ has "appeared as a high priest of good things to come" and every single good thing that has come to you has come directly and graciously through your Savior, Jesus Christ.

I believe God has some "good things" for you today, right now, waiting for you in His presence. You see, only "good things" can come to you when you minister to the Lord as a priest unto God. In the light of Christ your High Priest, there are only "good things" for you - life-cleansing, life-renewing, life-satisfying, God-glorifying "good things." God wants you to have the confidence that every single time you draw near to His presence, to minister to Him, that He always and only has "good things" for you. When you draw near to the presence of God as a priest unto your High Priest, this is a divine guarantee of holy flowing worship and renewal. And, importantly, when you emerge from your time of "ministering to the Lord," receiving "good things" from your High priest, it is amazing and wonderful to realize that God is now enabling you to see "good things" as you live in this world.

God gives us the "good things" of Himself that we might live triumphantly in this life through His goodness, because God is the best. Minister to the Lord now and bless His Holy Name. Hallelujah!

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