Letter from Wayne, Bar Harbor, Maine

Dear Beloved Child of God,

May God’s loving grace wash over you in a refreshing wave of His goodness today!

Praise God, my friends, for He is good all of the time. I have a few nice things to share with you in this little letter and update. Let’s Talk About Jesus is continuing presently on the air, although we are still running short of the support needed to bring us up to December, when our annual Contract Renewal Drive takes place.

I am praising God that we can still meet together in Jesus’ Name and declare the full truth of the Gospel of Christ, however difficult the circumstances continue to be.

Our new half hour format and time slot in New York (for which we are grateful, and "live" once more) certainly has added extra work and responsibility, while our support has had to basically "reset."

I continue to ask for your partnership with this ministry in the Lord’s true work in Jesus Christ. Your prayer and financial giving has always been the means of our ability to be on the air, and this is true now more than ever.

I do pray you are receiving life and fellowship through this ministry that is constantly building you up in Jesus Christ. Our partnership together in the harvest field of this world is truly changing lives in Jesus. We have been hearing so many wonderful testimonies of radically changed lives lately over LTAJ!

Our FaceBook fellowship and Digital Download Library, both built and maintained by my son Cory, who has been with Loving Grace Ministries now since May, continues to grow and bless lives.

I hope you will frequent both of these places, as Christ is exalted in a most beautiful way. My daily word of encouragement has been a great blessing for me to write, and I hope you are receiving much love and life from this every day sharing that is posted at Facebook - www.facebook.com/lgm4christ and at our website: www.lovinggrace.org.

Cory and I have put some awesome digital bundles together too that I hope you will definitely check out and avail yourself of at our Digital Library.

I am now in my 37th year of hosting "Let’s Talk About Jesus." I continue to pray that all believers will come to our Lord Jesus with a renewed devotion to, and understanding of, the Son of God. I continue to pray for this world to come to the saving knowledge of our Lord. And I continue to be devoted to my Lord Jesus, our King and our God, and the true Lord of "Let’s Talk About Jesus."

May He receive all the praise, understanding, glory and honor that He so well deserves. I love the Lord and pray His love touches you today.

Thank you for reading this note. I pray a blessing has been imparted to you. Thank you for anything and everything you do to help "Let’s Talk About Jesus." May God bless you and fill you anew and afresh with His Holy Spirit of life and goodness.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

In His Loving Grace, Wayne Monbleau

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