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This bundle contains Christ-centered Books & Messages to help cultivate the stillness we need to truly hear, and truly minister to, the Lord. Enter the blessing of being still, and knowing He is God. 


Lessons In Life From The Solitude of Jesus- Book

The Art of Being Still- Message Series (3 CD's or Tapes)

Practicing The Presence of God- Message Series (2 CD's or Tapes)

Peace Of Mind- Booklet

The Be Still And Know Bundle - #0214SP

$35.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • Lessons In Life From The Solitude of Jesus:
    In the non-stop rush and crush of present day living, Lessons In Life For The 21st Century From The Solitude Of Jesus stands as a guidepost and constant reminder for us that our true lives are "hidden with Christ in God" (Col 3:3). Pick up this book and see for yourself the surpassing value of living your life from the secret place.

    The Art of Being Still:
    Wonderful insights, along with examples from nature, on renewal in God's presence through "being still"

    Practicing The Presence of God:
    A step-by- step guide, full of down-to-earth examples that
    will bring you into an awareness of God's presence.

    The Resting Place:
    This inspirational series of meditations will help you realize and appreciate the great gift of resting in God. Within the pages of this little devotional booklet you will see the beauty, peace, power and wisdom that all come from the simple practice of being in "The Resting Place."
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