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Enter into the exhilarating live worship experience of Spirit Music!  Many of Wayne's best loved worship songs are in this anointed collection. And now, sounding better than ever with digital remastering, our re-release of Spirit Music contains ten additional bonus songs (CD only) that will inspire and touch you with the wonders of His love.
Available on vinyl for $7.00 or digitally remastered on 2 CD's with bonus content for $15.00.

Spirit Music - #MSPIRIT

  • Songs: Psalm 100, Jesus Wants Your Love, I Love You, Love You, Love You, Worthy Is His Name, Pour Your Spirit Upon Us, I Will Never Leave You, Together We Must Stand, God Is So Good, Love The Lord With All Of Your Heart, Jesus, The Blessing Song, He Is Love, Let Heaven Fill Your Thoughts, Hosanna, plus bonus tracks (CD only)
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