The Truth About Tithing

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In this comprehensive 10 message series, Rev. Wayne Monbleau examines every single Scripture on the subject of tithing. Wayne shows, us how tithing unto the Lord can be a beautiful expression of love and devotion to God. However, the larger issue explored and exposed is the manipulative and Biblically unsound practice put upon many of God's children of "required tithing." Wayne's detailed, objective, and illuminating study leaves no stone unturned as he shows us how "required tithing," as it is currently preached, has little resemblance to the Old Testament practice of tithing and certainly has no place at all in the New Covenant of Jesus Christ. In The Truth About Tithing you'll learn about your freedom in Jesus Christ and how to become a truly "cheerful giver," compensated by the unconditional and completely committed love of God for you. Includes detailed Scripture Reference Guide (.pdf)


Message Titles:

1. Introduction: Beware of the Love of Money

2. Tithing Prior to the Law: Abraham

3. Tithing Prior to the Law: Jacob

4. Tithing & The New Covenant

5. New Testament Warnings About the Bondage of the Law

6. The Old Testament Law of the Tithe

7. The Old Testament Practice of the Tithe

8. What Jesus Said About Giving

9. What Paul Said About Giving

10. Conclusion: The Blessing of a Giving Heart

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