The Passion & Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Bundle

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This 8 Volume Set focuses on the crux of the most central aspect of the Christian walk. To properly understand the Christian life we must first understand the New Covenant; and in order to properly understand the New Covenant we must first understand the merit bestowed upon us by the passion & resurrection of our Savior. This is why Reverend Wayne has created this new extensive bundle on this topic. Join us today in growing more aware of the realities of Christ and their vital significance in our day to day lives!


Contains 8 Messages:

-The True Palm Sunday
-How Jesus Became Our Final Atonement
-The True Meaning Of The Last Supper
-Divine Abandonment: Between The Cross & Resurrection
-Behold The Lamb
-Why I Believe In The Resurrection
-Jesus' Resurrection Ministry As High Priest For Us
-Sealed With The Holy Spirit Of Promise

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