The Letters Of John- Part 1

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The three letters of the Apostle John burst forth with life, wisdom and great contemporary relevancy as Rev. Wayne Monbleau leads us through this in-depth study series. Our first four messages provide an overview of John's life along wiTflfhe issues which confronted the church in his day, even as these same issues confront the church in our present day. Studies in 2nd and 3rd John reveal God's call for His children to preach Christ, confess Christ and abide in Christ at all times.


"The Son Of God Has Come And Has Given Us Understanding So That We May Know Him Who Is True" (1 John 5:20) 2 & 3 John

Preach Christ & Nothing Else eAbout Confessing Christ & Abiding In Christ 3 John Study

Imitating What Is Good.

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