The Gospel of Luke Bundle

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Learn deeply of the life of Christ and the New Covenant with our Gospel of Luke Bundle! Nearly 16 hours of teachings reveal every aspect of the Gospel according to Luke, and include a very special message about the New Covenant "New Wine in New Wineskins". This bundle also comes with Reverend Wayne's book "God Loves" which contains meditative truths about the love of God manifested to us through Christ in the New Covenant.


The Gospel Of Luke- Complete Message Set- MP3s

Join Reverend Wayne on a truly life-giving journey through the Gospel of Luke. With a special emphasis and focus placed upon the New Covenant our Messiah came to fulfill and bring to pass through his own perfect shed blood at Calvary.

New Wine in New Wineskins- Message- MP3s

Our Savior spoke of our need to drink the new wine of His kingdom. But the new wine must first be put in new wineskins or all may be lost. This message will encourage you not to settle for the old wine but to drink freely and fully of God’s new wine given to us through the New Covenant (new wineskin) of Jesus Christ.

God Loves- E-Book

In this powerful and compact book (easy to present for witnessing), Wayne shares truth after truth as to how God's
love, fulfilled in Jesus Christ, IS our life and fullness of joy, affecting and covering every area of our being and walk with God. This book will encourage Christians to truly allow Jesus Christ to be their resurrection victory life and, at the same time, this is a tremendous and compelling
presentation of the Gospel for all to read.

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