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The Call Of Our Priesthood

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Ministering unto the Lord - The Call of Our Priesthood, is the best kept secret of the Christian faith. God has made His church to be a kingdom of priests and He is calling us to our priesthood in Him. Are we listening?

In this book Wayne shows us the transformative power of ministering unto the Lord and the potential for true worldwide revival if we will respond to the call of our priesthood. "I believe that our highest, purest, most crystallized form of being a Christian is in our priesthood to the Lord! We submit to God’s ultimate will and heart’s desire when we realize we are created to be ministers to Him. And this relates directly into our being able to honestly behold God; into our being able to perceive what He is doing in our lives and into our hearing His voice.

This digital edition is viewable on computers and mobile devices with all of the interactive features that come along with e-reading such as interative table of contents, highlights, bookmarks, and more!

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