The Birth Of Christ Bundle

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With the holiday season fast approaching, we enter together into a very special time of the year for all Christians as we meditate together on the divine blessing of love and redemption given unto the whole world on the day Jesus, our Immanuel was born. In this bundle of messages, Reverend Wayne provides a tremendously in-depth look at the birth of our Lord beginning in the Old Testament with "Prince of Peace", an Old Testament Prophecy & Character study of Christ, and continuing with a multi-faceted study of the Nativity itself and the New Testament, then proceeding to illuminate the Word in the here-and-now in "Immanuel- God With Us". We pray this collection of resources will strengthen you and build you and your loved ones up in the real and lasting blessings of our Savior's blessed birth this Christmas.


  1. Prince Of Peace- The Nature & Purpose Of Messiah As Foretold In Prophecy (2 Messages)
  2. The Christmas Story- The Significance of the Circumstances Surrounding The Birth of Jesus Christ (2 Messages)
  3. With God All Things Are Possible- Faith-Building Messages Regarding Mary, Zechariah & God's Use of Impossible Situations In Our Lives (2 Messages)
  4. Nothing Will Be Impossible With God- Regarding God's Ministry To Mary Including a Special Study Of The Angel Gabriel's Ministry To Mary, The Mother of Our Lord (2 Messages)
  5. Christ Is Born- Christ Has Been Born For Us So He Might Be Born In Us. Let The Full Message of Christmas Reside in Our Hearts (2 Messages)
  6. Immanuel, God With Us- God Has Come to Be With Us; Let Us Come to Be With God (2 Messages)
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