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Saved, Delivered, Healed & Set Free

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Here is a powerful new FREE witnessing tool. Give this book out so that others may also be transformed in Jesus Christ. What God has done for others, He is ready to graciously do for you. There is hope within these pages. This book is completely FREE to download.

Chapter Titles: 1. Saved; 2. Delivered - From Addiction; 3. Power In the Name of Jesus; 4. Healed - God’s Healing Love; 5. The Book; 6. Set Free; 7. With Childlike Faith; 8. Saved - By Messiah; 9. Delivered - From Legalism; 10. There Was Something Missing; 11. Healed- God’s Healing Presence; 12, Set Free - In Prison; 13, It’s All About Jesus; 14, Saved, Delivered, Healed And Set Free - Invitation And Prayer To Receive Jesus

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