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LTAJ Special Radio Offer - The Grace Affirmations Volumes I & II

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Twenty beautiful and richly encouraging grace affirming messages

PLUS Wayne’s booklet GRACE REMOVES MOUNTAINS in e-reader format

All for $15 which goes immediately towards keeping LET'S TALK ABOUT JESUS on the air

You will love this series. Here are Ten insight filled and wonderfully blessed grace affirming messages that will nourish & bless your daily life in Jesus Christ.

1) I Am Saved By Grace, Which Is The Gift Of God
2) Of His Fullness I Have Received, And Grace Upon Grace
3) I Am Justified By Grace
4) I Have Been Called By Grace & Am Continuing In Grace
5) I Am Under Grace, Not Law
6) I Am Under Grace, Not Sin
7) I Am Growing In The Grace And Knowledge Of Jesus Christ
8) God’s Grace Is Sufficient (More Than Enough) For Me
9) I Am What I Am By The Grace Of God
10) Grace Is Always With Me

Continue growing in the grace and knowledge of our indwelling Lord, Jesus Christ, with ten more Christ-centered, insight filled grace affirmations that will edify, enrich, and expand your daily experience of His amazing grace.

1) Grace Is To Me
2) God’s Grace Abounds To Me
3) God Has Given Me The Surpassing Riches Of Grace
4) My Strength Is In Grace
5) My Hope Is In Grace
6) My Speech Is In Grace
7) I Am Standing In Grace
8) I Understand The Grace Of God In Truth
9) I Pray Before God’s Throne Of Grace
10) Grace Is Multiplied To Me

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