Knowing The Lord

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What a blessing it is to know the Lord. For many Christians, the phrase "knowing the Lord" reminds them only of when they became saved, instead of being the joyful definition of their ongoing, up-growing life in Christ. Wayne Monbleau shows us the absolute joy and privilege that is ours as we live a whole(and holy) life of "knowing the Lord." After listening to this wonderful series you will be radiantly, and reverently, saying for yourself, 'That I might know Him" (Phil 3:10). Hallelujah!

Message Titles:
1.    Introduction: "This Is Eternal Life That They Might Know Thee"
2.    Knowing The Lord Is Our Life
3.    "Grow In The Grace And Knowledge Of Jesus Christ"
4.    'The Sweet Aroma Of The Knowledge Of Jesus Christ"
5.    Knowing The Lord Is An Ongoing Relationship
6.    "That I Might Know Him"
7.    The Surpassing Value Of Knowing Jesus
8.    "Let Us Press On To Know The Lord"
9.    Knowing Through Revelation

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