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This bundle contains life-affirming messages from two of our spirit-filled weekend retreats. During the first retreat "The Affirmation Of Identity", Reverend Wayne discusses "understanding and affirming our new God given identity" as believers; and during the second retreat "Fully Clothed In Jesus Christ", he continues on to teach us "about our identity and complete covering in Jesus Christ". This Deep immersion in the true, Scriptural basis of who your loving Father in Heaven tells you that you are will serve to better prepare you to be in the place that He has prepared for you.

Then to keep you strong in that identity, this bundle also includes "Identity Affirmations Volumes One & Two", devotional messages recorded in an intimate setting in Reverend Wayne's home. "Identity Affirmations Volume One" contains "twelve tremendous meditations, life affirming principles, to strengthen your identity as God's beloved child", and "Identity Affirmations Volume Two" brings "twelve more affirmation-filled messages, three each on faith, hope, love, and worship". We pray that you are transformed from glory to glory by the fortitude, grace, and blessings that come from embracing your innermost, truest self; a beloved child of God that is both irreplicable and irreplaceable.



The Affirmation Of Identity (Retreat)

  • How God Gives Us Our True Identity
  • Maintaining Our True Identity
  • Affirming Our True Identity

Fully Clothed In Jesus Christ (Retreat)

  • Awake & Clothed In Your Beautiful Garments
  • The Clothing Of Our Priesthood
  • Put On Your Wedding Garments & Come To The Feast
  • Clothed In The Armor Of God

Identity Affirmations Volume One

Identity Affirmations Volume Two

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