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Friendship With God

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"What a tremendous and exciting blessing it is to know that you will be hearing His voice progressively clearer as you grow in your understanding of your friendship with God." Friendship With God has literally gone around the world sharing the precious truth of God's invitation to you to be His best friend, as well as HIM being your Best Friend.

Our revised edition of Wayne's classic work is better and more beautiful than ever. Numerous liberating Scriptural truths, warm character studies of Abraham and Moses, and life experiences all shared in Wayne's down-to-earth style underscore God's desire to share a hand-in-hand walk with you through each day. This book has brought thousands into a joyous relationship with our "friend who sticks closer than a brother" (Prov, 18:24), Jesus Christ.

This digital edition is viewable on computers and mobile devices with all of the interactive features that come along with e-reading such as interative table of contents, highlights, bookmarks, and more!

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