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The Waters Of Rest

Today’s Word Of Encouragement from Wayne:

The Waters Of Rest

“He leads me beside quiet waters”

Psalm 23:2

Beloved child of God, sheep of your Good Shepherd, come to the “quiet waters.”

“Waters of rest” is the literal rendition of the “quiet waters” that David wrote about in this verse.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is our Good Shepherd, leads us to “quiet waters,” the waters of rest with Him, Himself.

Our Good Shepherd does not lead us to the turbulent waters of strife in this world. No. It is because our Shepherd is so good that He leads us to quiet waters, to waters of rest, so we may rest with Him, under His covering of protection, in the midst of His nurturing Presence.

When it comes to our Good Shepherd, we need not ever wonder or worry about where He desires to lead us, for we have come to know, as “the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand” (Psalm 95:7), that our Shepherd, Jesus Christ, always leads us to the quiet waters, the waters of rest with Him, Himself.

There is a beautiful quality of life with our Good Shepherd, realized when we recognize that He consistently leads us to “quiet waters,” a quality of peace in His presence and trust in His care.

Let your Good Shepherd lead you now, away from the roiling waters of this world, away from everything that distracts you, and into the quiet waters, the waters of rest with Himself.

Thank You Lord that You are my Shepherd. Thank You for leading me to the “quiet waters” where I may rest with You. Hallelujah!

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