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Today, Who Are The Levites Who Minister To Me?

Today’s Word Of Encouragement From Wayne:

Today, Who Are The Levites Who Minister To Me?

“I will multiply the descendants of David My servant and the Levites who minister to Me”

Jeremiah 33:22

Our Lord God’s expressed desire in this text is to multiply “the Levites who minister to Me.” I have been sharing and declaring that this great blessing and call is directly towards us in this day seeing that we, the body of Christ, are now God’s New Covenant priesthood.

Notice that God did not merely say He would multiply the Levites. God specifically said He would multiply the Levites “who minister to Me.”

This is the quality and level of priesthood that our Abba Father is looking for today in the body of Christ; priests who understand the heart of our priesthood and who respond directly to God, to minister to Him.

You bless the heart of your Abba Father when you draw near to Him, to minister to Him, with the heart of David, realized to new life within you through your Savior, King, and High Priest, Jesus Christ.

Yes, when you come to God, as His priest, to “minister to Me,” you honor God’s promise through Jeremiah of a perpetual Kingdom and priesthood. When you draw into God’s presence as His priest, you are honoring and declaring that God is indeed the Head above the entire body of Christ.

Ministering to the Lord as priests is God’s holy call to all of us, to truly place Him first, in spirit and in truth, in word and in deed, actually being the priesthood that our redeeming Lord has created us to be.

Let us let God have His way!

Let us all humbly, gratefully, and joyfully become God’s multiplied priests “who minister to Me.”

Sing praises to God today. Thank Him repeatedly for making you a priest in His presence and understand how much you bless your Abba Father when you are a priest who ministers directly “to Me.” Hallelujah!

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