Ministering As A Priest The Gospel Of God

Today’s Word Of Encouragement From Wayne:

“I have written very boldly to you on some points so as to remind you again, because of the grace that was given me from God, to be a minister of Jesus Christ to the gentiles, ministering as a priest the gospel of God”

Romans 15:15-16

As the apostle Paul summed up and concluded His masterful letter to the church in Rome, he reminded the Christians in Rome to “be a minister of Jesus Christ to the gentiles.” We need not fight in anger, or argue, condemn or vilify but, by all means, we do always need to act as a minister of Jesus Christ to all unbelievers (and to all believers as well for that matter).

What’s the best way to “be a minister of Jesus Christ to the gentiles?” It is right here, “ministering as a priest the gospel of God.”

Why is this important? Why should we remember our priesthood when ministering the gospel? If this is this so important (worth emphasizing at the end of Paul’s letter), why don’t we hear this in the church today? Why don’t all gospel preachers make sure to emphasize that we need to be “ministering as a priest the gospel of God?”

Paul wrote these words to all of the believers in Rome, not just to the clergy. Paul wanted and expected all true Christians to see themselves as priests, just as the apostle John wrote, “and He has made us to be a kingdom, priests to His God and Father” (Revelation 1:6).

When we are ministering “as a priest the gospel of God,” it is then that we have the true message (the gospel) along with the true Spirit and office of a minister of the gospel, namely being in the yoke of submission, as a priest, with Jesus our High priest.

Anyone can talk about the gospel. But, if we want the most faithful and fruitful representation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, then the nature of the message and the messenger must both be considered.

As a priest of God, we know that our first ministry is to our Lord God, Himself, in His presence. You see, it’s not enough for us to only have the right message. We also need the right Spirit within us, in union with God our Father, as priests in His presence. This is why it is so important, if we truly care about the unsaved, that we minister “as a priest the gospel of God.”

O beloved priest of God, minister first to your Lord in the inner court of His presence, with gladness this day. Then go forth in this Spirit, His Spirit, into the outer court of this world “ministering as a priest the gospel of God,” and you will see God blessing and anointing your discipled heart and message. Hallelujah!

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