At Morning I Set In Array For Thee

Today’s Word of Encouragement From Wayne:

At Morning I Set In Array For Thee

“Unto Thee I pray habitually. Jehovah, at morning Thou hearest my voice. At morning I set in array for Thee, and I look out”

Psalm 5: 2b-3 (Young’s Literal Translation)

This psalm of David’s shows us how he viewed morning prayers with His Lord. He “habitually” prayed this way; “At morning I set in array for Thee, and I look out.” Remember, David was not a priest so when he wrote, “I set in array for Thee,” david was expressing how he saw himself in God’s presence, “in holy array.”

David was not a Levite, however David most definitely was a minister to the Lord, who loved ministering to the Lord (see Psalm 27). This prayer of David’s is such good spiritual advice for all of us who do recognize and respond to God’s call, to His body, to be His Own “royal priesthood” (1 Peter 2:9) in this present day.

Let us “habitually” meet with God, each morning, and set ourselves in Holy Array for our Lord.

Let us gratefully and joyfully see ourselves adorned with our gracious mantle of praise, our robe of righteousness, our garments of salvation” (Isaiah 61: 3,10) all “for glory and for beauty” (exodus 28:2) as we meet with our God.

Let our habitual daily prayer be, as priests unto our God, “At morning I set in array for Thee.”

Oh hallelujah, put on your beautiful garments, child of God, and set yourself in array for your Lord.

“Here we are O Lord, in the beautiful garments You have given us, for glory and for beauty. We wear them for You, in Your presence, to bless You. You have made us beautiful in Your sight and we wear our beautiful garments for You, that You may be pleased. Thank You God for clothing us with praise, salvation, and righteousness in Your presence. We praise Your holy name, now and forever. Amen.” Hallelujah!

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