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Extracting The Precious From The Worthless

Today’s Word of Encouragement from Wayne:

Extracting The Precious From The Worthless

"Thus says the Lord, ‘If you return, then I will restore you – Before Me you will stand; and if you extract the precious from the worthless, you will become My spokesman’"

Jeremiah 15:19

Perhaps one of God’s richest blessings for us, in this present world in which we live, about our Gracious Good Shepherd Who, as David wrote, “restores my soul” (Psalm 23:3), is that when we are restored, returned to our Shepherd and in His presence, this is when we are able to "extract the precious from the worthless." Oh praise His Name, what a blessing, to remain in the presence of our Loving Shepherd Jesus, fully restored and repentant (as we have seen, the Hebrew word for restore “shub” means: to bring back, return, repent), knowing that in His presence, in His light, we are graced with the wisdom to know what is good for us and what is not.

Hearing the voice of our Shepherd Jesus calling us always to Himself, and responding always to His voice, brings us into an ever increasing purer state of fellowship. In this grace, in this place, of "return, then I will restore you – before Me you will stand," God shows us that which is truly precious. I encourage you to live this day as a beloved sheep always near your Shepherd and then, in the light of His presence, "extract the precious from the worthless."

Each day, carefully listen to whatever enters your ear, remember that you are Jesus Christ’s most “precious” sheep so, as you listen, retain the “precious” and let go of the "worthless." You will be a much happier sheep. Hallelujah!

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