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I Set In Array For Thee First, And Then I Look Out

Today’s Word of Encouragement from Wayne:

I Set In Array For Thee First, And Then I Look Out

"Unto Thee I pray habitually. Jehovah, at morning Thou hearest my voice. At morning I set in array for Thee, and I look out"

Psalm 5: 2b-3 (Young’s Literal Translation)

Oh may we all learn this most powerful and joyful practice: that before we “look out” on anything, in this world or in our lives, let us begin each day, "at morning,“ by first setting ourselves ”in array for Thee,“ and only after this to ”look out." Let us be wrapped in our true identity as with a holy robe and mantle, "in array for Thee," and let us meet with our indwelling God, to praise Him and be with Him in His presence. Then, in this understanding and spiritual identity, we may blessedly "look out," with the wisdom and Spirit of God.

This reminds me of what Mark wrote in his Gospel, concerning a man whom Jesus had set free from a legion of demons that had been tormenting him for years, saying he was "sitting down, clothed and in his right mind" (Mark 5:15). Whenever we meet with our Lord at the top of the day and say "at morning I set in array for Thee," we are then clothed in our right mind. We are clothed with our priesthood to God, covered with His salvation and righteousness, and meeting with Him in His presence. We are most definitely in our right spiritual mind when we sit with Jesus in the garments He has clothed us with. "And then I look out."

Yes, bless our Savior, He invites us to stay in the yoke of His presence, with Him always, and this IS the best way to “look out” on life. Our “look out” on life becomes our outlook on life. So Let us not miss this grand opportunity to set ourselves in array for our Lord in the morning , and then look out, having been filled with His outlook. Hallelujah!

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