Singing A New Song About The New Things Given Us Through Christ Our Covenant

February 11, 2015

Today's Word of Encouragement from Wayne:


"‘I will appoint you as a covenant to the people, as a light to the nations, to open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon and those who dwell in darkness from the prison. Behold the former things have come to pass, now I declare new things; before they spring forth I proclaim them to you.’ Sing to the Lord a new song. Sing His praise from the end of the earth!"

Isaiah 42: 6-7, 9-10


Once more, in biblical prophecy, we see Christ our "Lord" and "priest forever" (Psalm 110: 1&4) being spoken of in terms of establishing a new covenant, through which we are saved and become priests to our God (revelation 1: 5-6), singing a "new song" of the "new things" we have been given in Jesus.


In this passage from Isaiah God said, "I will appoint you as a covenant to the people." Our Lord and High Priest, Jesus Christ, is Himself our New Covenant. For it is only and completely through: His perfect obedience to God, His spotless sinless "new covenant in My blood" (Luke 22:20) shed for our sins, His fulfillment of the law of the old covenant, His resurrection from the dead "through the blood of the eternal covenant" (Hebrews 12: 20), His presentation of Himself in God’s presence as our High Priest "having obtained eternal redemption" (Hebrews 9: 11-12), that we have been given salvation. God has appointed Jesus Christ, Himself, as our New Covenant. And  Jesus Christ dwells in us!


Early church father, Justin Martyr, wrote of this saying, "An eternal and final law - namely Christ - has been given to us, and the covenant is trustworthy, after which there shall be no law, no commandment, no ordinance. He is the new law, and the new covenant, and the expectation of those who out of every people wait for the good things of God" (Dialogue With Trypho, Justin Martyr A.D. 110-165).


Yes, praise God forever, Jesus Christ is God’s new "covenant to the people." Sing this new song my friends. Sing your new song about the "new things" that you have been given in Jesus Christ. Our heavenly Father has appointed His Son, our Savior, to be our New Covenant forever.


Sing as a priest in God’s presence. Keep singing your new song of new life in a new covenant. And sing your new song out into this world, so that our Lord God may continue "to open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon and those who dwell in darkness from the prison." Hallelujah!


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